Meghan Horosko

I’m drawn to the tangibility of printing in the darkroom… but my creative practice is much broader than film. I’ve always been an artist at heart, but my mediums have evolved. Recently, I’ve jumped back into painting and printmaking, finding space to merge photography with photogravure and encaustic medium.


Meghan was born in Edmonton and calls it home again, after living in Ontario, Mexico, and China. As a charcoal artist, she began shooting black and white film in 2003 to build her perspective of monochromatic art. It wasn’t until she attended darkroom classes at Ottawa School of Art in 2011 that she understood the creative possibilities of developing photographs by hand. Since then, her main interest has been exploring ways to manipulate images during the printing process.

Meghan works in silver gelatin process with 35mm and 4×5″ film. Inspired by her interest in fine art, she often integrates chemical painting or uses her own paintings as textures within multiple exposure prints, disconnecting the subject from reality. She’s always looking for ways to bind her love of painting and printmaking with darkroom photography, and recently took courses in encaustic photography and photogravure.