Gordon Dinwoodie

Lith printing is a process that fascinates me, as it creates dense blacks and beautiful highlights, with warm tones in some papers and gritty, grainy images in others. The results are somewhat unpredictable, but I like the element of chance that can bring something unexpected to an image.


I have been engaged in photography since my parents gave me my first hand-me down Box Brownie as a child. Despite the growing popularity of digital technology, I continue to work largely with film and traditional printing techniques. Many of my images are made with large format equipment; however I also work with medium format when something more portable is called for. I print in a traditional darkroom, which provides a place to retreat from an increasingly busy world and allows time for the creative process.

I work almost completely with traditional silver-based black and white materials. Monochrome focuses the viewer on the elements of a scene by simplifying the image and reducing it to the essentials of form and composition. A monochrome image minimizes distractions that interfere with the emotional content of the image. Hopefully the images presented here will provide that sense of connection between the subject of the photograph and the viewer.