Gary Soo

I grew up with one brother and two sisters. My whole family is pretty artistic, whether it would be with drawing, sculpting, painting and really anything hands on. I’ve always liked to make and create things.


I am a photographer and printer working mainly in large format. I also work with 35mm and medium format cameras when needed. I work in Black and White as well as in Tintype and Ambrotype.

A Tintype or Ambrotype is a photographic object made using the Wet Plate Collodion process. It is a historical process dating back to the early days of photography. Because of the nature of this type of photography, it allows me to slow things down and not only work more methodically but also more closely with my subject. It allows me to create a handmade object that is unique and one of a kind. Something that should be treasured, just as a photograph would have been back then.