Arda Ozum

Without a doubt, my eyes are the most important tool I use in my photography. It took a long time to learn how to “see” the way a camera views the world, and it takes practice to stay sharp.


Area stumbled into photography unintentionally. His love for photography was sparked by a summer motorcycle trip to California during undergraduate studies in Civil Engineering. Almost as an afterthought, he packed my father’s old camera into one of the bags on my motorcycle. What started as a few rolls of holiday snapshots quickly developed into became a life-long passion. Five years after his start in photography, he purchased some darkroom equipment and started printing my images by hand. From the first time he saw the print appear in the developer, he was hooked! Arda has been actively shooting, developing and printing black and white images using the traditional silver-gelatin process. He plans to start experimenting with other traditional processes such as gum bichromate, bromoil and photogravure. He mainly photographs people, street life and some landscapes