Nigel Goldup

I get mixed reactions when people notice me with a film camera, both skeptical responses and pure admiration. Most importantly, I love sharing my passion for film when an unsuspecting onlooker asks, “Is that a film camera?”


Nigel was born and educated in the United Kingdom, left the when he was 21, and has been traveling the world for work ever since. He’s lived in Canada since 2002, but has been lucky enough to have worked in every continent except Antarctica -which is on his bucket list!

Nigel has been an active photographer for over 50 years. He started with black and white 35mm film photography in the mid-1960s, both developing film and producing darkroom prints. In the 1980s, with no darkroom facilities available, he moved over to colour slide film which continued until 2010. Nigel moved completely away from film photography to digital in 2010-2015, but the satisfaction of digital photography was short lived. It wasn’t long before he was dusting off his old cameras and loading film again.

Nigel joined the Monochrome Guild in late 2017, and since then  has learned a lot from other members and expanded his photography from 35mm to medium and large formats. He develops, darkroom prints, mats and frames all his own photographic work.

Through his photography, Nigel works to explore beyond the obvious and into the abstract, using camera and darkroom techniques to express the unique and not so apparent.