About Us

The Monochrome Guild is an Edmonton-based group of traditional photographers.  The group was founded in 2002 by Rob Pohl and other like-minded photographers, who enjoy working with cameras that still require film. The group embraces traditional monochrome fine art photography as a form of expression and strives to promote it, keeping it alive and well in an increasingly digital world. 

The goals of the group are to promote an interest in traditional monochrome photographic methods and processes, a sharing of information and resources, and to work together to find an audience for our artistic expression.  Ultimately we would like to see traditional photography remain alive and well, and for it to retain its acceptance as an active and legitimate art form.

The Guild includes a core of active members who print regularly, ranging in age from 35 to 70 years. We typically meet 4-6 times per year to view and critique each other’s work, and to share our stories and enthusiasm for the medium. We work together on group submissions and gallery shows.  We also plan field trips and outings together, and combine orders for film, chemistry and paper in order to save costs, and meet minimum order requirements.

While Guild members are always happy to connect with others who are actively shooting film, we welcome new members who are actively printing in traditional methods. If you have interest in joining the Guild, please contact Rob Pohl at rspohl(at)shaw(dot)ca.

Monochrome Guild members print in the following processes, from photographs taken on film: